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Review ~ Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)
Title: Darkness Becomes Her
Author: Kelly Keaton
Series: God's and Monsters #1
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal/Mythology/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Format Reviewed: Paperback
Source: Purchased at Barnes and Noble

Ari has always been a little strange. She has long, thick, silver hair that remains unchanged no matter how much she cuts or dyes it. She has teal eyes that lure people in. And growing up with bounty hunting foster parents has taught her how to kick some serious butt. When she learns that her birth mother committed suicide in "New 2," the reincarnation of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, Ari travels there to uncover her past. New 2, it turns out, is full of unsettling entities like half-spider creatures, sword-wielding strangers, and vampires--including the supersexy Sebastian. Ari seems normal in comparison--but every creature she encounters, no matter how deadly, is afraid of her. And when she finds out why, the truth is worse than she ever imagined....

Why I read this book?:  I had been wanting to read Darkness Becomes Her for a VERY long time.  I finally picked up a copy last Tuesday when the second book in the series came out.

What I liked:  Ari.  Personally, Ari reminded me a little bit of Lara Croft.  Only in a teenage body.  Ari is different, not only because of her curse but because she's a product of "The System."  She's been bounced between foster homes and she's learned to trust no one really.  She goes on a mission to learn more about her family history and BOY does she learn some interesting things.

I also really enjoyed all the action that took place in this book.  It's been pretty non-stop since I started reading the book.  Ari's current foster parents are in the bail bonds business and have taught Ari how to defend herself.  Which most definately comes in handy.

Sebastion and the host of secondary characters.  They all bring a little something to the story, even the bad guys.  I'm even going to lump New 2 in as a character.  I loved the description of New Orleans after being ravaged by the hurricanes.

I really enjoyed the author's writing style and how well thought out the content of the book was. This was the debut for this author and I'm thoroughly enjoying her writing.  Another author to add to my "Auto-Buy" list.

What I didn't like: That it took me FOREVER to actually pick up a copy of this book.  There were a few times through out the course of the book where I thought that Ari was being a bit whiney but it wasn't enough to detract from my rating. Also, there is some cussing in this book.  If your not into cussing in your YA this might not be the book for you.  It didn't really bother me but I put it down here so that the information wouldn't get lost in the mix.

Overall Impression:  Yup this book was full of Awesome.  Another author added to the "Auto-Buy" list.

Rating:  Break the Bank!

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  1. I liked this one too and can't wait to read A Beautiful Evil.


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